Everyone knows that Delft is synonymous with Delft Blue. And rightly so! Delft Blue earthenware has been known and loved around the world ever since it was first made. Delft is still the place where you can see and experience how Delft Blue items are made in the same centuries-old, traditional and authentic manner.  

Back in time

Delft Blue originated in the late 16th century as a cheaper alternative to the blue-and-white porcelain that was imported from China. These world-renowned ceramics have been produced in Delft since the 17th century.

The ceramics soon became hugely popular, particularly between 1650 and 1750 when Delft had no fewer than 33 ceramics factories. Today, there are still several factories that follow the authentic process for creating earthenware, but Royal Delft is the only one that goes back to this heyday. The following list includes the most authentic ceramics factories in Delft and the best Delft Blue locations that are not to be missed!  

Meneer beschildert een vaas in Royal Delft

Delft Blue spots - In addition to the earthenware factories, Delft has several other great spots where Delft Blue can be found

Exhibition Pioneers in Ceramics

Ceramics are hot at the Museum Prinsenhof Delft! The exhibition lets you discover the top iconic pieces from the historic collection combined with marvellous contemporary work. Experience and enjoy the exciting dialogue and unique insights that result from this way of displaying the pieces.  

The basic recipe for making ceramics has never changed, but the world that has influenced the creators throughout the ages changes constantly. Pioneers in Ceramics offers multiple perspectives, tells stories, and invites you to look at the past with the knowledge we have today. 

More information
Tentoonstellingszaal van Museum Prinsenhof Delft met een blik op de tentoonstelling Pioniers in Keramiek met delftsblauwe vazen