Explore Delft in a unique way by walking along the picturesque streets or cruising through the charming canals of this historic city. Or hop on a bicycle and explore Delft’s beautiful natural surroundings.    

Cruising through the canals in an electric dinghy while you admire Delft’s serene beauty from the water is a truly authentic experience. But whatever you prefer – an easy walk, an active cycling tour, or a relaxed canal cruise – Delft offers a range of options to explore.  

5x ways to discover Delft

Walk and enjoy

Fun and active: on foot! Stroll through the ancient streets and enjoy the marvellous sights and everything the city offers. All the main attractions in Delft can easily be reached on foot. We’ve made a list of the different options. 

Online Walking routes to explore hidden hotspots and famous highlights 

Walk in Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s footsteps and get to know the founder of microbiology. Or, walk through Delft and learn all about the House of Orange. Our ceramics route will also tell you everything there is to know about the world-renowned Delft Blue earthenware. Discover on this page all the online routes and choose the route that you like.

Discover the walking routes
Stelletje kijkt naar het standbeeld van Willem van Oranje op een zomers St. Agathaplein in Delft

Discover Delft with a paper map  

The Delft Tourist Information Centre (VVV) sells maps of different (themed) walking routes. Enjoy a walk through the historic city centre by following a map and route description or the Vermeer walk. The latter guides you to the locations that were important in Vermeer’s life, like the house where he was born on the Voldersgracht.  

Explore the streets with a local guide  

If you enjoy exploring Delft while listening to interesting stories and fun-facts, we recommend you book a tour with a local guide. We collected multiple option on this page.

Mensen zitten op de rondvaart boot in Delft kijkend naar de Oude Kerk

Delft from the water

Perhaps the best way to admire Delft’s splendid historic centre is from the water. Cruise along the impressive canal houses and pass underneath the old arched bridges. Fun fact: Delft’s canals have been voted the most beautiful canals in the Netherlands. Surely, they are not to be missed?  

Experience Delft from the water
De waterbus vaart over de Delftse Schie in de herfst

The Paardentram

Let’s go back in time...  Be transported back to the 19th century… Climb aboard the horse-drawn tram and clip-clop along the canals to discover the historic city centre. A unique experience for the young and old!  

You can board the ‘Paardentram’ on the Markt square, in front of/next to the City Hall. Tickets can be bought at the tram or booked online on the Paardentram website. 

Paardentram in Delft rijdend langs de grachten in de zomer

Dutch glory: Cycling!

What could be more Dutch than hopping on a bike? Get to all the attractions and sites quickly and comfortably or follow a cycling route through the gorgeous surrounding nature areas. We particularly recommend the cycling route that takes you from Delft to Maasland and Schipluiden to see Delft as well as the peatland meadows of Midden-Delfland. Want to know more about the best cycling routes, would you like to rent a bike, or do you prefer a guided cycling tour? 

Discover our cycling tips
Fietsende man in het natuurgebied Midden-Delfland in de zomer

Delft City Shuttle

Explore Delft in a fun, practical and environmentally friendly way and take the Delft City Shuttle. Hop on and hop off at the different stops along the route or sit down and relax for 35 minutes as you pass all the tourist attractions. hop-on-hop-off day tickets are €5 and can be bought at all the stops.  

From April to November, the Delft City Shuttle runs daily between 10:00 a.m. and 05:00 p.m. From November to April, the Shuttle runs from Thursday to Sunday between 12:00 noon and 05:00 p.m. Hop-on-hop-off day tickets are €5 and single A to B tickets are €3. Tickets can be bought at all the stops.  


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Jongedame stapt in een Delft city shuttle in de zomer