Everyone has a feeling about the city of Delft. For some it will evoke a feeling of rich history, characteristic canals and cosy pubs & restaurants. The other is more likely to associate it with its innovative character, trendy shops, pleasant squares & festivals. And you know, it's all true! Delft is a city full of surprises, discover it for yourself.

5 ways to discover Delft

Explore Delft in a unique way by walking along the picturesque streets or cruising through the charming canals of this historic city. Or hop on a bicycle and explore Delft’s beautiful natural surroundings.    

Cruising through the canals in an electric dinghy while you admire Delft’s serene beauty from the water is a truly authentic experience. But whatever you prefer – an easy walk, an active cycling tour, or a relaxed canal cruise – Delft offers a range of options to explore.  

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Ouder stel loopt langs het terras van 't Postkantoor in Delft in de zomer Mensen zitten op een zomerdag in een rondvaartboot in Delft en varen richting de Oude Jan Jongedame stapt in een Delft city shuttle in de zomer

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