Are you looking for a beautiful Delft Blue souvenir to bring home? The different ceramics factories in Delft sell all sorts of magnificent pieces, or you can hop into one of the trendy shops in the city centre to find the most amazing Delft Blue souvenirs.  

From modern pieces from top designers and trendy items to the huge range of traditional and quirky Delft Blue souvenirs. Check the list below and find out which shops are not to be missed! 

Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore

Hippolytusbuurt 3

Heinen Delfts Blauw Concept Store not only offers a great collection of Delft Blue items but also organises workshops in Delft Blue painting, or you can sit down for lunch at Bakker van Maanen. Naturally, the main reason to go here is to shop for Delft Blue, like the modern collections of tableware, vases, souvenirs, jewellery, and much more.  


Binnen bij de Heinen Delft Blauw conceptstore met leuke mokken en een prachtige delftsblauwe tulpenvaas Binnen bij de Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore met de leuke tulpenvazen in allerlei kleuren Etalage van de Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore in Delft

Royal Delft Brandstore

Markt 62

The Royal Delft Brandstore is located on the Markt square and offers an exclusive shopping experience. Find the Blue Mary pyramid and marvel at the impressive Delft Blue panel on the wall depicting St. George fighting the dragon, made by tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher. As in the museum shop, the Brandstore sells typical hand-painted collections as well as unique Dutch Design collections.  

Vooraanzicht van de Royal Delft brandstore op de Markt

De Candelaer

Kerkstraat 13A

De Candelaer is a small factory that still produces its own ceramics. The items are all hand-painted and made by true artisans. Owner Steffan is in charge of the production, glazing, and firing. Master painters Anne and Shirly hand-paint the items and create Delft Blue jewellery.  

You can actually see the artists at work inside the shop and the factory offers guided tours upon request. The products are displayed at the front of the shop and you can walk through to the back to see how they are all crafted by hand.  

Vooraanzicht van de Candelaer in Delft

Royal Delft

Rotterdamseweg 196

The Royal Delft shops only sell top-quality Delft Blue, from Dutch Design collections, hand-painted items, collectables, tiles, and tableware to anything you can think of. Would you like to see how all these gorgeous products are made? Visit the museum where you can observe the manual production process up close!  

Binnen bij de winkel van Royal Delft met een Delfts Blauwe vaas en kussens Binnen bij de winkel van Royal Delft met een Delfts Blauwe vaas Binnen bij de winkel van Royal Delft met een Delfts Blauw tegeltje van Delft en het Meisje met de Parel

De Blauwe Tulp

Kerkstraat 12

De Blauwe Tulp is a small ceramics studio set up in 1997. The studio includes a shop with an impressive collection of Delft Blue earthenware and you can see the painters at work as well. De Blauwe Tulp sells a broad range of Delft Blue, from items featuring typical Dutch decorations to modern pieces.  

De Blauwe Tulp Delfts Blauwe aardewerkfabriek in Delft

Royal outlet

Markt 30

The Royal Outlet is an antiques shop selling Delft Blue items. The shop is located in a building that is 400 years old and the ceiling dates back 350 years! The Royal Outlet sells a great variety of discontinued collections from different Delft Blue shops in Delft. As these collections are no longer available at the other shops, out of stock really means out of stock. But the great thing is that all items at the Royal Outlet are sold at a discount of at least 50%!  

Binnen bij de winkel Royal outlet in Delft

Madame Blue

Markt 39

Madame Blue opened its shop on the Prinsengracht in 2015 and offers a huge collection of jewellery, antique tiles, beautiful scarves, and leather goods. But Delft Blue items are, of course, their main trade. The shop sells a great variety of items, from old and new hand-painted ceramics to vases, figurines, and jewellery. And if you don’t find what you had in mind, they may design a bespoke piece just for you!  

Vooraanzicht van de Madame Blue winkel in Delft