When you think of Delft, you automatically think of Delft Blue, which has been made in the city’s ceramics factories since the 17th century. So if you wander through the city streets, you are bound to see Delft Blue everywhere, and not just in shops. 

Did you know that Delft even has a unique, metres-high tulip pyramid vase?  

Back in time - Discover the history of the tulip pyramid vase

Back in time

Let’s start with some historical information. The tulip pyramid vase was specially designed to display tulips and as such it was a showpiece and status symbol. The first ceramic tulip pyramid vases decorated with Delft Blue or Chinese patterns date back to the 17th century, and they became hugely popular during the reign of King and stadtholder William III and Mary Stuart. 

In those days, tulips were an iconic and almost priceless status symbol; in their heyday, a tulip could be worth as much as a canal house. Tulip bulbs played a unique economic role as well and are now called the ‘17th-century bitcoin’.  

Like the classic tulip pyramids, Royal Delft’s master painters painted this 12-metre-tall (!) mega-vase by hand.  

Grootste tulpenpiramide ter wereld bij Land Art Delft in de lente met een tulpenveld