Are you planning a day or a weekend in Delft with the kids? That’s great! No matter what age they are, there is so much to do for everyone. So check out our list of the best kid-proof activities in Delft. 

5x tips for kids

Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Museums are boring? No way! In Museum Prinsenhof Delft, families can get the “FamiliespeurWIJZER” – a quiz for the entire family. Or you can play detectives and investigate (and solve) the mystery of the assassination of William of Orange. The museum offers even more activities during school holidays. So come to Museum Prinsenhof Delft for a fun outing. 


Jongen genaamd Rick die naar de kogelgaten kijkt in het Museum Prinsenhof Delft Jongen genaamd Rick die door vergrootglazen kijkt in het Museum Prinsenhof Delft Jongen genaamd Rick die naar de schilderijen kijkt in het Museum Prinsenhof Delft

Royal Delft Museum

No trip to Delft is complete without a Delft Blue-related activity. At Royal Delft, kids learn all about these unique and famous ceramics. The museum offers a fun scavenger hunt for children up to the age of 10. Children can participate in even more great activities during the school holidays. 

Meisje die service maakt bij Delftse Blauwdruk

Vermeer Centrum Delft

Bezoek je het Vermeer Centrum, dan krijg je bij je ticket een gratis speurtocht. Zo kun je als ouder rustig de mooie werken van dichtbij bekijken, en leren je kinderen al spelenderwijs alles over het leven van Johannes Vermeer, zijn schilderijen en zijn thuisstad Delft!

Dame lacht naar de fotocamera in stijl van het Melkmeisje bij het Vermeer Centrum Delft


The Knus party centre is just 10 minutes from Delft’s historic city centre. It is surrounded by nature and is a great location for all sorts of kid-proof activities on or around the water. 

Knus rents out boats and pedalos and children will have hours of fun in the playground, which even includes a maze. When it’s sunny, the delightful waterfront terrace is a wonderful spot for a drink. And when it is cold outside, you can snuggle up next to the warm, cast-iron stove while sipping a hot cocoa. 

Het gebouw van Knus in Delft vanaf buiten bij het water

Farmhouses and water play areas

Delft has two amazing water play areas, BuytenDelft and Tanthof, with the coolest equipment. Children can build dams and, most of all, will enjoy playing here for hours. BuytenDelft and Tanthof also include petting zoos, so animal-loving children will have a great time here as well. Let them pet the goats, laugh at the guinea pigs, and feed the ducks while you enjoy their happy faces! 

Curious to know more about other play areas in Delft?

Speeltuin Westerhonk, Van Bleiswijckstraat (Hof van Delft) 

Natuurspeeltuin Hammenpoort, Rotterdamseweg 270 

Gezin die geitjes aan het aaien is op kinderboerderij BuytenDelft