Explore the timeless beauty of Delft on foot and be enchanted by the centuries-old charm of this historic city. With its winding streets, atmospheric canals and beautiful architecture, Delft offers an unforgettable walking experience for every visitor. Be guided by the rich history that comes alive in every stone and discover the hidden gems this enchanting city has to offer.  

Besides the beautiful historical city, there are also cosy shopping streets and Delft is surrounded by beautiful nature. This is also a great place to go hiking. We have collected the nicest routes for you.  

Discover Delft with a guide

Explore Delft and find out all the ins & outs of the city? Choose a guided tour. This way you will discover the most beautiful historical sites and hidden gems of Delft!

Check out the best guided tours in Delft below. Looking for more information? Then drop in at the tourist information in Delft (Stationsplein 7).

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Een stel die wandelt door de Trompetstraat in Delft

Walking routes through Delft

Prefer to discover the city yourself? You can get several fun walking routes from the tourist information in Delft. Buy the historical walk at the tourist information Delft and walk through Delft using the description and the map with the route. During the Vermeer walk you will pass locations that played an important role in Vermeer's life, including his birthplace on the Voldersgracht.

Step into the feet of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, for example, and get to know the founder of microbiology. Or walk through Royal Delft and learn all about William of Orange. You can also learn all about the famous Delft blue on our ceramics route

Discover the free walking routes
Een stel die wandelt door de Bonte Ossteeg in Delft