Perhaps the best way to admire Delft’s beauty is from its centuries-old canals. And did you know that you can enjoy all kinds of water activities on these same canals? You can even see Delft from a SUP board, a pedal boat, or a comfortable canal cruiser. Let us share some of the best activities! 

5x tips from the water

1. Canal cruise Delft

Join a canal cruise to see the impressive canal houses from the water and pass underneath the old arched bridges. During the cruise, the skippers and guides tell stories about Delft’s history, Delft Blue, Johannes Vermeer, the Dutch East India Company, and many more!

Mensen zitten op de rondvaart boot in Delft kijkend naar de Oude Kerk

2. Canal Hopper Delft

Get comfortable and cruise along the historic canals in an electric dinghy. These whisper boats are an environmentally friendly way to discover Delft’s most famous and surprising sights. The experienced skippers will steer you through the narrowest canals and underneath the lowest bridges!

Mensen zitten in een canal hopper varend over de grachten in Delft

3. Sup & Surf Delft

Paddleboarding through the Delft canals? Of course! Rent a SUP board and enjoy a wonderful paddling trip through Delft’s stunning city centre. A super fun and unique activity to enjoy with your friends or family. If this is your first time paddleboarding, you can also book a beginner’s lesson. You can even hire a guide to show you all the wonderful spots! 

Those who prefer greener surroundings can rent a SUP board to paddleboard on the Grote Plas in the Delftse Hout recreational area. Have fun! 

Twee dames die aan het suppen zijn in de grachten van Delft bij Sup & Surf

4. Dingy rentals by Randstad Recreaties

Make your day in Delft even better and cruise the canals by yourself in what’s known as a ‘whisper boat’. You don’t even need a sailing license to rent one and they fit 6 adults in total. As you steer the boat yourself, you and your family or friends explore Delft’s historical city centre.

Randstad recreatie boten in de grachten met mensen op een heldere en zonnige dag

5. Waterbike at Knus

Just a 20-minute walk from Central Station you will find the recreation and nature area the Delftse Hout. Here you will find recreation centre Knus. At Knus you can rent rowing boats and pedal boats for a trip in nature. A wonderful outing for the whole family. 

Restaurant en partylocatie Knus in Delft