3...2...1… Say cheese! Delft is one of the most photogenic cities in the Netherlands. Wherever you walk, there is always something beautiful to capture. Looking for the best shots for your Instagram feed? We have a few tips. Have fun and don’t forget to use #VisitDelft!

#1 De Bonte Ossteeg

A Delft Blue picture can of course not be missing on your film roll. In the Bonte Ossteeg you will find a Delft Blue wall and a cow. Just pose!

Jongedame maakt een foto met haar camera in de Bonte Ossteeg in Delft in de zomer

#2 The Blue Hart

We keep it blue for a moment. Next to the New Church you’ll discover a big Delft blue heart. Make a romantic photo with your lover or friends. #smile

Jonge vrouw omarmt het blauwe hart van Delft

#3 Bridge on the Oude Delft

To be honest, all bridges in Delft are instaproof. You’ll see everyone stop to take a picture of the great view of the canals. But this bridge on the Oude Delft has a very special view ... Through the trees you’ll see the Old Church.

Dame kijkend naar de grachten aan de Oude Delft

#4 De Trompetstraat

The Trompetstraat is a popular place among tourists and photographers. And not without reason! From this place you have a magnificent view on the New Church. In addition, the colored houses provide a playful effect!

Een stel die wandelt door de Trompetstraat in Delft

#5 De Kloksteeg

A short walk from the station, five minutes at the most, transports you into the world of street artist Micha de Bie. His work includes icons of Delft, such as Hugo de Groot, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and Vermeer's Milkmaid. The rest of the alley has been decorated with a colourful block pattern, inspired by the colours that frequently appear in Pieter de Hooch's paintings. Here you will definitely take the perfect colorful photo for your Instagram feed!


Dame maakt een foto van het kunstwerk in de Kloksteeg van Delft