A centuries-old canal belt, world-famous pottery, churches of national importance and surprising museums. Add to that the historic streets with the nicest shops, squares and cozy pubs and restaurants...there is so much to experience in this historic city! Discover our tips for your first visit to Delft

City with a rich history - Delft Blue, Vermeer and Orange

Delft is the city of the world-famous Delft Blue ceramics, the birthplace of the ‘Master of Light’ Johannes Vermeer, and has close ties with the Royal House of Orange. Many of the tourist attractions therefore have a link with one or more of these three icons.

Jongedame loopt lachend door de Bonte Ossteeg Dame kijkend naar replica van het Meisje met de Parel in het Vermeer Centrum Delft Collectie van het Koninklijk huis in het Royal Delft Museum met borden van Beatrix en Willem van Oranje

Are you a lover of history and culture?

Then there are some attractions you definitely won't want to miss. The slender tower of the New Church, almost 110 m tall, has been a recognisable landmark in Delft for centuries. And if you climb the 367 steps to the top of the second highest church tower in the Netherlands, you have an amazing view out over the city and the surrounding area.

Not far from the New Church is the Old Church, also known by the local residents as ‘Scheve Jan’ (Crooked John) on account of the strange kink in the tower. Both churches have international allure because of all the famous people from Dutch history who have been interred within their walls. 

De Nieuwe Kerk in het centrum van Delft Een zijaanzicht van de Oude Kerk overdag

Next to the Old Church is the Museum Prinsenhof Delft, an elegant historical building which was once the home of William the Silent. Here you can discover the history of Delft (and the rest of the Netherlands) and the origins of Delft Blue ceramics.

A visit to Delft would naturally not be complete without a visit to one of the local earthenware factories, where you can see and experience the world-famous Delft Blue ceramics and pottery being made in the traditional way  And last but not least: get up close and personal with Johannes Vermeer in the city where this world-famous painter lived and worked his entire life. You can discover everything you want to know about his life and work in the Vermeer Centrum Delft.

Ingang van het Museum Prinsenhof Delft Meneer bekijkt schilderijen in het Museum Prinsenhof Delft Dame lacht naar de fotocamera in stijl van het Melkmeisje bij het Vermeer Centrum Delft In de fabriek van Royal Delft kijkend naar de stappen van het productieproces van Delfts Blauw

Delft Creating History

Discover technology and innovation in Delft

The great thing about Delft is that old and new go hand in hand. On the one hand, you will find historic buildings and canals; on the other hand, there is plenty of (technical) innovation. Indeed, more than 25,000 students study at Delft University of Technology each year. So Delft is a real student city. This is reflected in the streets of Delft! 

Experimentation and innovation used to be important in Delft. Over the centuries, Delft artists and scientists have occupied a leading position and contributed to the Netherlands' development.

Discover technology in Delft
Nuna in de Nieuwe Kerk van Delft

Wander around the city

Stroll through the ancient streets and enjoy the marvellous sights and everything the city offers. All the main attractions in Delft can easily be reached on foot. 

Online Walking routes to explore hidden hotspots and famous highlights 

Walk in Antoni van Leeuwenhoek’s footsteps and get to know the founder of microbiology. Or, walk through Delft and learn all about the House of Orange. Our ceramics route will also tell you everything there is to know about the world-renowned Delft Blue earthenware. 

Ouder stel loopt langs het terras van 't Postkantoor in Delft in de zomer

Choose your transport

Not a fan of walking? Maybe a canal cruise suits you better, or how about a trip in an old-fashioned horse-drawn carriage? Here you will find 5 ways to explore Delft.

5 ways to discover Delft
Mensen zitten op een zomerdag in een rondvaartboot in Delft en varen richting de Oude Jan

Cosy pubs and trendy restaurants

Delft is well-known for its friendly restaurants and lively bars. There are countless fashionable coffee shops, cosy pubs, and trendy restaurants along the canals, down the side streets, and around the city squares.

Een cocktail, borrel- en broodplankje bij 't Postkantoor in Delft

Shopping along the canals and in picturesque streets

The historic city centre of Delft is heaven for those who love shopping! Visit the wonderful shops and boutiques along the gorgeous canals. Delft is known for its picturesque streets and alleyways with a huge range of unique hotspots and trendy boutiques. The city also features different shopping areas that all have their unique charm.

Browse endlessly to find that quaint item or contemporary must-have, or check out the larger shops where you can find everything in one place. There is something for everyone in Delft!

Discover our shopping tips!
Jongedame bekijkt kleding in een winkeletalage in de zomer in Delft Binnen bij de stadskaarsenmakenrij Delft Etalage van conceptstore DROOM in Delft Binnen bij de kledingwinkel Femme + Frenkie in Delft

Do you like to visit events?

If you love theatre and music, don't forget to check the UITagenda Delft (events calendar) either before or during your visit. There is always live music playing somewhere during the summer weekends.

Delft is also an excellent place to use as a base for visits to events in the surrounding region. You can get to Rotterdam and The Hague in only 30 minutes by public transport.

Check the events calendar
Groepje mensen die optreden tijdens Delft Fringe Festival

1 day is too short!

One day in Delft is really too short to discover the city. Why not take a city trip and make a few days of it?

Tip: due to its central location, Delft is the ideal base for trips to the beach, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, and Amsterdam. Delft has a wide range of excellent overnight accommodation which on average is a lot cheaper than in the surrounding cities. And if you decide to stay a bit longer: Delft is surrounded by lots of greenbelt countryside which is great for walking and cycling.

Book your stay!
Twee jongedames proosten met cocktails in de lente in Delft