Did you know that you can easily cycle from Delft to the beach? And that Delft is surrounded by beautiful nature and recreational areas? On top of that, there are plenty more picturesque Dutch villages and great cities nearby, which really are worth a visit as well. So hop on a bicycle and explore!  

5x best cycling routes in Delft and surrounding areas

Cycling route from Delft to Maasland and Schipluiden

40 km

This tour guides you through the Midden-Delfland area and the villages of Maasland and Schipluiden. The small river Gaag meanders through the picturesque village of Maasland to enter the Meuse just a few kilometres downstream. This is how Maasland originated on a busy trade route between Amsterdam/The Hague and Hellevoetsluis) and its rich history still shows in the old village centre. Like Maasland, Schipluiden also has beautiful narrow streets with historic buildings and ancient bridges.


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Mensen die een bootje varen in het voorjaar in Schipluiden vlakbij Delft

Fun fact! The oldest settlement yet found in the Netherlands is also in Schipluiden. The archaeological finds prove that people were living here between 3600 to 3300 BC. 

Rondje Midden-Delfland (e-bike route)

65 km

This tour around the Midden-Delfland area is great for e-bikes. It guides you through the open and green, protected landscape of Midden-Delfland. As you cycle along the winding tracks lined with pollard willows, passing cosy eateries and terraces, the route lets you discover the typical old Dutch polder landscape with its vast pasturelands, brooks, polders and wetlands. 

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Kunstwerk in het natuurgebied Midden-Delfland

Tour of Schiedam

29 km 

Countless Dutch ‘jenever’ distilleries, the tallest windmills in the world, and listed warehouses. The jenever capital and distillery district of Schiedam still has its typical old Dutch city centre and is a surprising hidden gem in this part of the Netherlands. Situated on the river Meuse and surrounded by green areas, water cruisers pass by old harbours, historical ships, and typical Dutch drawbridges. Schiedam also has a wide range of restaurants and cafés and a lively cultural life with four unique museums: the National Jenevermuseum, the Museummolen, the National Coöperatiemuseum, and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam exhibiting contemporary art from 1945. 

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Uitzicht op een molen in natuurgebied Midden-Delfland

From Delft to the city, beach, and Midden-Delfland

45 km

This cycling route brings you from Delft’s city centre to the centre of The Hague. You will pass the Binnenhof (the seat of the Dutch government) with the Hofvijver and cycle through the beach town of Scheveningen. And, if you want to see the famous Scheveningen Boulevard, a small detour takes you to one of the many beachside terraces for a great lunch or something to drink. After Scheveningen, the cycling paths through the dunes bring you to Kijkduin where you can hit the beach as well. Next are the beautiful parks of The Hague, Kwintsheul, villages ‘t Woud and Schipluiden, and then you end up back in Delft. 

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Mensen ziitend op een zomers terras in 't Woudt vlakbij Delft

Local produce route

76 km

This cycling route through five different municipalities (Hoek van Holland, Maassluis, Midden-Delfland, Delft, and Westland) brings you to the best spots in the area. Proud local producers and suppliers let you taste and experience their unique products, such as Westland strawberries and grapes, local farmhouse cheeses, and orchids from the grower. Not only will you learn all about what the area has to offer, but literally taste the uniqueness of this part of Zuid-Holland. 

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Aardbeien in een kas in het Westland