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  • Beestenmarkt 26 - Vermeer

    Beestenmarkt 26 - Vermeer
  • Kunstcentrum Kunstig Verlicht

    Kunstcentrum Kunstig Verlicht

    Join the creative, fun and original workshops at Kunstig Verlicht in Delft, Zuid-Holland.

  • Vaderloos


    Do you want to have lunch, dinner or drinks? Stop by at restaurant VADERLOOS.

  • OUROBOROS | Jeroen Alexander Meijer

    OUROBOROS | Jeroen Alexander Meijer

    Creator Jeroen Alexander Meijer guides you through a spacious composition of sound. You can de-stimulate and experience the constant shift of your attention.

  • B&B Chez Jean

    B&B Chez Jean

    B&B Chez Jean is located in a renovated old house, adjacent to the hofje van Pauw.

  • Sociëteit Het Meisjeshuis

    Sociëteit Het Meisjeshuis

    De society was founded in 2004 as a meeting point for residents of Delft and the surroundings.

  • Pintxos y Bebidas | Bites & Drinks

    Pintxos y Bebidas | Bites & Drinks

    Moodz Delft is located in a beautiful monumental building. With inspiration from all over the world are they able to put the most delicious dishes on the...

  • Moeke Delft

    Moeke Delft

    At Moeke there is space for everything. Lunch, dinner, drinks or dancing, it is all possible!

  • Nieuwe Kerk - Walking route Antoni

    Nieuwe Kerk - Walking route Antoni

    Antoni van Leeuwenhoek was born ‘Thonis (Antoni)’ in Delft on 4 November 1632.

  • Bar Sil

    Bar Sil

    Enjoy the Italian ambience at Bar Sil in a minimalistic and intimate way.

  • B&B Gasthuis 288

    B&B Gasthuis 288

    B&B gasthuis 288 is located at a cosy and relax location close to the centre. The host and hostess are friendly, provide breakfast every morning and know...

  • B&B Havenstraat 5

    B&B Havenstraat 5

    Havenstraat 5 offers a unique bed & breakfast accommodation in the middle of the city.

  • Oude Langendijk 25 - Vermeer

    Oude Langendijk 25 - Vermeer
  • Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) - Vermeer

    Oostpoort (Eastern Gate) - Vermeer