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  • Hamtunnel - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Hamtunnel - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Artwork in Hamtunnel

  • Binnenstad Delft

    Binnenstad Delft

    The historic city centre of Delft is a nationally protected cityscape. This is due to the many characteristic canals and monumental buildings.

  • Voldersgracht 25 - Vermeer

    Voldersgracht 25 - Vermeer
  • Hotel de Koophandel ***

    Hotel de Koophandel ***

    Hotel De Koophandel is a three-star hotel, close to the old centre of Delft.

  • Neef Rob

    Neef Rob

    At Neef Rob everything is homemade. They say: "Enjoyment is timeless, make sure you get it right!"

  • Bij Marlies

    Bij Marlies

    Any shopping fanatic knows 'Bij Marlies'. With two shops in the center of Delft, you will definitely succeed here.

  • Café Doerak

    Café Doerak

    Doerak is located in the historical centre of Delft, with a terras at the canal Vrouw Jutteland. Inside you will find the typical brown café interior,...

  • Toros Santiago

    Toros Santiago

    The tastiest steaks in Delft can be found at Toros Santiago.

  • TU Delft Hortus Botanicus

    TU Delft Hortus Botanicus

    TU Delft Hortus Botanicus is THE tropical activity for young and old!

  • Anne&Max


    Anne&Max has the cosiest living room of Delft!

  • Homage to Gaudi

    Homage to Gaudi

    In The Prinsenhof Garden stands Homage to Gaudi, a ceramic Delft blue sofa designed by Marianne Burgers since 1988.

  • Café Het Klooster

    Café Het Klooster

    Café Het Klooster is the ideal place to have a drink.

  • B&B Stadshofje de Mol

    B&B Stadshofje de Mol

    Stadshofje De Mol is a well-hidden spot on one of the most beautiful canals in Delft.

  • Oostpoort - Walkingtour Antoni

    Oostpoort - Walkingtour Antoni

    The gate was built around 1400 and the towers were heightened in the 16th century. The Oostpoort consists of a land-gate and a water-gate that are connected...

  • Café Einstein

    Café Einstein

    Based on the Italian kitchen at Café Einstein they put the best dishes together. This all by the extensive offer of fresh ingredients and a variety of...

  • Jeugdcentrum The Culture

    Jeugdcentrum The Culture

    At Jeugdcentrum The Culture, you can get help with your school tasks

  • Hotel Arsenaal ****

    Hotel Arsenaal ****

    Hotel Arsenaal by Westward is an icon of Delft and an essential part of the cityscape.

  • Brownies & downieS Delft

    Brownies & downieS Delft

    It is the purest restaurant of Delft: Brownies & downieS. It is not only about the fresh products and local delivery. The employees are genuine, enthusiastic...

  • De Papaver

    De Papaver

    De Papaver is the place to learn about sustainability and nature.

  • Delft Blue Cow

    Delft Blue Cow

    Artist Rob Brandt created this artwork from glazed pottery and it was given a place at Beestenmarkt in 1993.

  • Snookercafé Peperstraat

    Snookercafé Peperstraat

    The most fun night you will have at Het Snookerscafé at the Peperstraat! With 2 snooker tables, 6 pool tables and 5 dart boards you have activities for...

  • Molen de Roos

    Molen de Roos

    Visit Molen de Roos in Delft and buy something sweet at the Molenwinkel!

  • Sounds


    Are you a true vinyl fan? Delft is the city for you!  jij een échte vinyl-fan? Dan is Delft dé plek voor jou! Record stores with thousands of LPs, singles,...

  • LOT. Coffee Boutique

    LOT. Coffee Boutique

    A store and coffee bar in one. That is LOT. At this coffee bar, you can get regular coffee, but also for special coffees, you are at the right address.