In 1584, William the Silent was killed in Delft by Balthasar Gerards, a Frenchman who was quickly caught, charged, and imprisoned after this brutal murder. Today, the old city prison opens its doors to visitors during school holidays! Are you brave enough to shudder and shiver in the medieval prison of Het Steen? 


The prison

No building hides as many stories and emotions as a prison. Who were the people locked up in the tiny cells? There’s so much we could learn if only walls could talk. For example, about Balthasar Gerards, the man who assassinated William the Silent. After he fired his fatal shots, he was locked up in Het Steen, tortured, and sentenced to death. 

Het Steen used to be Delft's local prison and is part of the 16th-century City Hall. The prison tower was built in late medieval times and stands right in the heart of the historic city centre. 

Binnen in Het Steen, de stadsgevangenis in het stadhuis van Delft Binnen bij stadsgevangenis het Steen in Delft Een vooraanzicht van het Stadhuis van Delft op het Marktplein