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  • Museum Prinsenhof Delft - Vermeer

    Museum Prinsenhof Delft - Vermeer

    Start your journey of discovery at Museum Prinsenhof Delft and learn about the life of Johannes Vermeer and his contemporaries at the Vermeer’s Delft exhibition.

  • Duyvelsgat Bridge

    Duyvelsgat Bridge

    Duyvelsgat Bridge – Pumping Station Integrated In The Land Abutment Of The Bridge

  • Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Do you want to wake up at one of the oldest canals of Delft? This is possible at Hotel Grand Canal, a three-star family hotel in the centre of the city.

  • Mooie Boules

    Mooie Boules

    Also, adults do like to play sometimes. This is possible at Mooie Boules! Come play boules, have a drink, play board games, sing karaoke, have fun, have...

  • B&B Bed en Broodje Bloem

    B&B Bed en Broodje Bloem

    B&B Bed and Broodje Bloem is ideally located on the edge of the old centre of Delft.

  • Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) - Vermeer

    Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) - Vermeer
  • Rietveld Theater

    Rietveld Theater

    Het coziest theatre of Delft in the old centre.

  • Lijm & Cultuur

    Lijm & Cultuur

    The world of Lijm & Cultuur is a special world full of surprises and new insights. It is a large creative playground, a dynamic creative laboratory.

  • B&B Hoeve Buytenhout

    B&B Hoeve Buytenhout

    Are you looking for a Bed and Breakfast in Delfgauw of Delft? The Hoeve BuytenHout is the perfect choice.

  • Art Centre Delft

    Art Centre Delft

    A meeting space in the middle of art and nature.

  • Jazzcafé Bebop

    Jazzcafé Bebop

    Jazzcafé Bepop is a cosy old café with a beautiful courtyard. They have over 90 different types of beer, which means there is something for everyone!

  • Angie's Juicebar

    Angie's Juicebar

    Met liefde bereidt Angelique, het gezicht van Angie's Juicebar, voor jou de lekkerste koudgeperste sapjes, smoothies, detox-sapkuren, bowls en soepjes.

  • B&B Juuls

    B&B Juuls

    Juuls is located in the popular 'Hof van Delft' district within a 5-minute walk from the beautiful historic centre of Delft.

  • B&B Punt Uit

    B&B Punt Uit

    PUNT UIT! is truly unique in Delft. This B&B has a fantastic location: a stone's throw from the Grote Markt and the Nieuwe Kerk.

  • Voldersgracht - one of the six tilting barriers - Walkingroute Waterways

    Voldersgracht - one of the six tilting barriers - Walkingroute Waterways

    In the Voldersgracht you can see one of the six tilting barriers that protect Delft city centre from flooding.

  • Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore

    Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore

    Are you a fan of Delfts Blauw? Admire the latest Delfts Blauw trends, timeless pieces and the creation process of Delfts Blauw pottery at Heinen Delfts...

  • B&B Anne's Ding

    B&B Anne's Ding

    B&B Anne's Ding is quietly located near the nature reserve Ackersdijkse Bos and the cycling and walking route Midden-Delfland.

  • Steakhouse Buenos Aires

    Steakhouse Buenos Aires

    Experience a romantic and warm atmosphere when you enter Steakhouse Buenos Aires.

  • Hoeve Bouwust

    Hoeve Bouwust

    Camping at a farm, which is locally oriented? In that case the Hoeve Bouwlust is something for you!

  • Galerie Artline

    Galerie Artline

    The gallery regularly shows the work by its in stock artists, but also displays 6 to 7 exhibitions with the work of contemporary artists from home and...

  • Rode Scheikunde - Walkingroute TU Noord

    Rode Scheikunde - Walkingroute TU Noord

    Today: Architecture and the Built Environment (BK City) Address: Julianalaan 134 Year of construction: 1918-1923 Architect: G. van Drecht

  • Camping Abtswoudse Hoeve

    Camping Abtswoudse Hoeve

    Wake up, jump out of your bed and dive into the water naked; it’s possible at nudist campsite Abtswoude Hoeve.

  • Rietveld - Walkingroute Waterways

    Rietveld - Walkingroute Waterways

    Rietveld the most low-lying part of the historic city centre of Delft

  • Huszár


    The artistic interior perfectly fits the industrial space. From the elevated stage in our light and spacious café, you have a view of the Kolk, one of...