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  • De Papaver

    De Papaver

    De Papaver is the place to learn about sustainability and nature.

  • Anne&Max


    Anne&Max has the cosiest living room of Delft!

  • Hamtunnel - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Hamtunnel - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Artwork in Hamtunnel

  • Café de Wijnhaven

    Café de Wijnhaven

    Café De Wijnhaven is a cosy café in the centre of Delft. Outside the fact they are a café, you can still have dinner at the restaurant on the first floor.

  • B&B De Delftse Duiventil

    B&B De Delftse Duiventil

    De Delftse Duiventil is within walking distance of the city's historic city centre.

  • Poptapark Mooi Weer Spelen

    Poptapark Mooi Weer Spelen

    A pleasant late summer Sunday afternoon in the Poptapark full of street theatre.

  • Land Art Delft

    Land Art Delft

    The sculpture park in Land Art Delft is free to visit. There are several walking, cycling and bridle paths in the park, which makes it fun for everyone.

  • Oude Kerk Monument to Antoni - Walkingroute Antoni

    Oude Kerk Monument to Antoni - Walkingroute Antoni

    The Oude Kerk contains the final resting place of Van Leeuwenhoek and Reinier de Graaf.

  • Café de Beierd

    Café de Beierd

    Café de Beierd is a local secret in the middle of the centre! The is de possibility to have lunch a drink or dinner. The menu on the other hand is every...

  • Sectile tile tableau Markt 21- Walkingroute Ceramics

    Sectile tile tableau Markt 21- Walkingroute Ceramics

    sectile tile tableaus on facade

  • Art Gallery Rene Jacobs

    Art Gallery Rene Jacobs

    ART Jacobs is the gallery and atelier of artists René Jacobs.

  • Galerie Artline

    Galerie Artline

    The gallery regularly shows the work by its in stock artists, but also displays 6 to 7 exhibitions with the work of contemporary artists from home and...

  • Physics and Electrical Engineering - Walkingroute TU Noord

    Physics and Electrical Engineering - Walkingroute TU Noord

    Today: Student housing complex (DUWO) Address: Kanaalweg 3a (earlier 2b) Year of construction: 1902-1903 Architect: J. van Lokhorst

  • Angie's Juicebar

    Angie's Juicebar

    Met liefde bereidt Angelique, het gezicht van Angie's Juicebar, voor jou de lekkerste koudgeperste sapjes, smoothies, detox-sapkuren, bowls en soepjes.

  • Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore

    Heinen Delfts Blauw Conceptstore

    Are you a fan of Delfts Blauw? Admire the latest Delfts Blauw trends, timeless pieces and the creation process of Delfts Blauw pottery at Heinen Delfts...

  • Binnenstad Delft

    Binnenstad Delft

    The historic city centre of Delft is a nationally protected cityscape. This is due to the many characteristic canals and monumental buildings.

  • Let's Bake A Story

    Let's Bake A Story

    THE place where fantastic stories are being baked.



    RADIUS is a centre of contemporary art and ecology.

  • Abtswoude Bloeit!

    Abtswoude Bloeit!

    Abtswoude Bloeit is a former care home where students, the elderly and Perspektief clients live together under one roof.

  • GRK&ZO


    If you want delicious, home-made, Greek dishes you have to be at GRK&ZO.

  • Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Do you want to wake up at one of the oldest canals of Delft? This is possible at Hotel Grand Canal, a three-star family hotel in the centre of the city.

  • Café du Midi

    Café du Midi

    Whether it's breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner, it's all possible at Café du Midi. This cozy café is located in a beautiful natural landscape.

  • Delflandhoeve


    Close to Delft you will find the green Midden-Delftland. Relax at camping Delftlandhoeve and discover the beautiful surroundings.

  • Sevenhills


    Service and quality are a high priority at Sevenhills! All while you imagine yourself in the atmosphere of New York!