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  • Pionierskwartier


    De bewoners van het tiny house dorp aan de Vulcanusweg in Delft.

  • Sectile tile tableau Markt 21- Walkingroute Ceramics

    Sectile tile tableau Markt 21- Walkingroute Ceramics

    sectile tile tableaus on facade

  • Hoeve Bouwust

    Hoeve Bouwust

    Camping at a farm, which is locally oriented? In that case the Hoeve Bouwlust is something for you!

  • Plexus


    Are you a real vinyl fan? In that case Delft is the the place for you! Record stores with thousands of LPs, singles, cassette tapes and CDs can all be...

  • B&B Bij Jeanne

    B&B Bij Jeanne

    Bed and Breakfast 'Bij Jeanne' can be found in a house on the Delft canal built in 1918 and has 2 rooms.

  • Applied Physics

    Applied Physics

    Today: Student housing complex (DUWO) Address: Mijnbouwplein 11 Year of construction: 1930 Architect: G. van Drecht, W.F.L. van Leeuwen and Johan Robbers

  • Heinde Delft

    Heinde Delft

    Heinde Delft is a modern restaurant with a homely ambience: seven days a week the restaurant is a living room for everyone who want to go out of dinner.

  • Lange Geer - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Lange Geer - Walkingroute Ceramics

    Earthenware potteries on the Lange Geer

  • Chocolaterie & Gelaterie De Lelie | Gasthuislaan

    Chocolaterie & Gelaterie De Lelie | Gasthuislaan

    Chocolaterie De Lelie has been at the top of chocolatiers in the Netherlands for years. At De Lelie, they get inspiration from all over the world. But...

  • Sevenhills


    Service and quality are a high priority at Sevenhills! All while you imagine yourself in the atmosphere of New York!

  • Beestenmarkt 26 - Vermeer

    Beestenmarkt 26 - Vermeer
  • Restaurant Kruydt

    Restaurant Kruydt

    Are you looking for the peace and a luxurious lunch or dinner? Restaurant Kruydt is something for jou! At the relaxed courtyard of Delft you get the complete...

  • Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) - Vermeer

    Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) - Vermeer
  • Steakhouse Buenos Aires

    Steakhouse Buenos Aires

    Experience a romantic and warm atmosphere when you enter Steakhouse Buenos Aires.

  • Vaderloos


    Do you want to have lunch, dinner or drinks? Stop by at restaurant VADERLOOS.

  • Hotel Royal Bridges ****

    Hotel Royal Bridges ****

    Delft is known for her beautiful canal belt and many bridges. Enjoy this beautiful view from Hotel Royal Bridges, a 4-star hotel.

  • Camping het Zonneveld

    Camping het Zonneveld

    Are you more into ‘glamping’? Don’t look any further: Mini-campsite Het Zonneveld is exactly what you are looking for!

  • Lijm & Cultuur

    Lijm & Cultuur

    The world of Lijm & Cultuur is a special world full of surprises and new insights. It is a large creative playground, a dynamic creative laboratory.

  • Hotel Johannes Vermeer ***

    Hotel Johannes Vermeer ***

    Staying in the city of the great Delft master? The comfortable Hotel Johannes Vermeer is located in the middle of the cosy city centre.

  • Oude Langendijk 25 - Vermeer

    Oude Langendijk 25 - Vermeer
  • Brownies & downieS Delft

    Brownies & downieS Delft

    It is the purest restaurant of Delft: Brownies & downieS. It is not only about the fresh products and local delivery. The employees are genuine, enthusiastic...

  • Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Grand Canal Hotel ***

    Do you want to wake up at one of the oldest canals of Delft? This is possible at Hotel Grand Canal, a three-star family hotel in the centre of the city.

  • Café-Cocktailbar Luna

    Café-Cocktailbar Luna

    For more than 20 years Luna is already making the most delicious cocktails with love and passion. You can choose classic cocktails, but specialities and...

  • Droom Conceptstore

    Droom Conceptstore

    Along the Voldergracht is Droom, a concept store full of nice items